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Citizen of the Year

2018 Citizen of the Year: Eugene Schroeder

2017 Citizen of the Year: Bruce & Debbie Bintlzer

Citizen of year

Larry Fleischman, Dennis Kemmel, Debbie Bintzler, Brenda MichelS, Dave Luedtke (left to right)

2016 Citizen of the Year: Wayne Faber

2015 Citizen of the Year: Stan Renderman

2014 Citizen of the Year: Bob and Marie Wondra

2013 Citizen of the Year: Jim Wessing from Kondex Corporation, congratulations!

2012 Citizen of the Year:     Ric Bloohm from Culligan,  congratulations!


Ric Bloohm and his family

2011 Citizen of the Year:     Doug Kiehnau from Schraufnagels Implement,  congratulations!

Vice President Dave Luedtke (left) congratulates Citizen of the Year Doug Kiehnau (right)


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