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Economic Development

Apologies, this site is under construction. The information on this page will be improved and updated shortly.



Thinking of building or relocating a business in the Lomira area? Great idea! We offer competitive prices on real estate, a well-educated workforce and great small-town living.

Available buildings


Industrial Parks

Ribbon Cutting Tool Box (coming soon)

A ribbon cutting is a great way to introduce your business to the community and your fellow Chamber members. This tool kit will help you prepare your event.  It can be as simple, informal, extravagant or ceremonious as you want it to be. It’s your event and should reflect your company’s values and personality.

The Chamber provides several resources to help you create a memorable event:

  • Oversized scissors – Please complete and return the request form at least a week prior to your event to reserve the scissors.
  • A contact list of Chapter members and a list of local media, so you can invite them to your event. This will be automatically e-mailed to you after you complete the above referenced request form.
  • A list of caterers, party suppliers, printers, florists, photographers and more available in our online member directory.
  • An event checklist that can be used as a guideline for planning.
  • Click HERE for information on reserving the Lomira QuadGraphics Community Library’s small event room or HERE for  the Lomira Community Room in the Municipal Complex
  • The community calendar where you can post your event so others can see it.

Have a great event!


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